Sales & Marketing Guide to Premium Confections

On Trend
Unexpected Flavors, Exotic Source and Healthy Products from Trusted Brands
You provide the brand loyalty. Turkish Hazelnuts will add the  unique flavor,  exotic source and heart-health. The best part is, Turkish Hazelnuts balance perfectly with chocolate applications.

Unique Flavor Profile
Turkish Hazelnuts’ recognizable flavor profile and buttery yet
crunchy texture complement and elevate a multitude of chocolate

Flavor Affinities to Inspire

Exotic Source
A clear story of origin adds authenticity and favorability to Turkish Hazelnuts. Turkey produces the highest quality  hazelnuts in the world, which are handled with care by proud family farmers. Demonstrating origin communicates
a premium brand and builds consumer trust.

Healthy Ingredient
Consumers’ increased health awareness opens doors for
the industry to offer indulgence with added functional
• Rich in vitamins, dietary fiber and monounsaturated fats
• Naturally free of cholesterol and heart-healthy
• One ounce has 2.7 grams of dietary fiber – not only
heart healthy, but helps with satiety
• One of the lowest levels of saturated fat (7%)
• One of the highest levels of monounsaturated fats
Hazelnuts offer a heart-health
claim to use on pack

Consumer Demand
Hazelnuts and Chocolate a Top Ranked Flavor
Demand for chocolate confections is soaring! Consumers
are especially interested in chocolate products that also
contain healthy inclusions like nuts.2

• Top 10 New Product Flavors (2009-2014): Hazelnut
Flavored Chocolate Confections2

• 550+ hazelnut-chocolate confections products are on
the U.S. market,3
and growing at 2-3% per year2

• Chocolate candy represents 40% of dollar sales among
all products containing hazelnuts3
Marketing Opportunities with
Hazelnut-chocolate Spreads
Unconventional eating occasions
Novel pairing ideas
Recipes with spreads as ingredient
Hazelnut-chocolate Spreads are Booming
Hazelnuts contribute significantly to the chocolate and nut
spreads taking over the market, with continued promise
of growth. Consumers seek natural, healthy varieties of
nut-based spreads while still making room to indulge.4
• Nut-based spreads category has grown 33% since 20114
• Nut spreads category is expected to reach $6.5 billion
in sales by 20184
• In 2013 alone, 18 new hazelnut-chocolate spreads
were introduced

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